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Logo 2TSU kitchen knives are brought to you by Pacific Solution. For several decades Pacific Solution has been providing high quality knives at an affordable price. Our mission was to supply knives for "working man" who appreciated a great value. Starting with pocket knives and gradually expanding the product line to hunting knives, collector's knives and then finding a niche market with samurai swords. We make our swords using the traditional Japanese way just as the master sword smiths did in ancient Japan. Our dedication to quality paid off as our MUSASHI brand samurai swords received great reviews from critics, naming Musashi swords among the best value as well as the best choice for novice collectors and practitioners.

PS LogoOur dedication to making historically accurate and high quality functional swords paves the groundwork for our kitchen knives. We worked with renowned Taiwan master sword smith Kuo Chang Shi, who was responsible for the "Green Destiny Sword" in the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Working with Master Kuo we prototyped several kitchen knives to various degrees of success. We did not want to bring in a new line without making sure it met our superior quality standards.

Musashi logoAfter years of research TSU kitchen knives were introduced to the market. The name "TSU" means "kitchen" in Chinese, where we believe TSU knives would thrive. We incorporated the same philosophy from our samurai swords into our kitchen knives making sure we offer the best quality at the best prices. We believe in our products which is why we are offering a limited lifetime warranty against any defects in manufacturing.


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