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Ceramic Knives Set

The blades made from nano zirconia ceramic. Lightweight, rustproof and keeps its sharpness for years. Ultra sharp ceramic blade holds its edge much longer than steel. Stain and rust proof impervious to food acids which discolor steel knives. Maintains the fresh taste of foods leaving no metallic taste or smell. Keeps sliced fruits from browning.
Non-stick ceramic surface makes for easy clean up. Lightweight and perfect balance makes slicing and dicing extremely easy. Antibacterial blade surface keeps bacteria away.

Maintaining and caring your nano zirconia ceramic knives
Ceramic knives are not intended for cutting high density items such as bone, wood, etc. Ceramic knives are not intended for prying apart frozen foods. Ceramic knives are not intended for smashing. Always use a chopping board when cutting. Avoid impact on hard surfaces which might cause breaking or chipping to the blade. Ceramic knives can only be sharpened with a diamond sharpener. Recommend sharpening by a professional sharpener. Ceramic knives are best stored in a knife block. Avoid storing with other utensils.
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